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Blissful being is a holistic company that believes that true healing comes from within and that you are your best source for inspiration, joy, and fulfillment. It is our desire to be a bridge on your path to greater self awareness. When you come to this place of being, bliss spontaneously occurs. Enjoy the journey.

      Be As You Are...

               Ashley and Ugonma


Ashley M. GreenfieldLMT, NCTMB

    Ashley is a NCBTMB certified Massage Therapist licensed in Washington, DC who specializes in Swedish and Deep Tissue. A few of the modalities she is trained in include Reiki (Master/Teacher), Cranial sacral, Hot/Cold Stone, Yuen Method,  and Cherokee Bodywork taught by Lewis Mehl Medrona.
She is also a Zumba Fitness Instructor and believes in the power of movement to rejuvenate, enliven and reawaken mind, body, and spirit. Ashley says that life is about the return to connection with self.  Every journey in healing should bring you to a deeper awareness of who you are in and beyond this body.

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Ugonma C. Fontaine

Ugonma is an E-RYT 200 Yoga Teacher/ Teacher Trainer, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher.  She holds a BA in Psychology from Boston College. She teaches from intuition, guiding students to feel their practice from the inside out. The simplicity of her movement and breath cues encourage students to go beyond the challenge of physical postures (asana) to experiencing an “aha” moment of self awareness.

 Ugonma blends her love of yoga with her passion for subtle body wellness. She’s studied and teaches a variety of energetic modalities and alternative healing therapies. Over the years, Ugonma has brought her unique style of yoga and restorative breathing (pranayama) to local schools, yoga studios, Non-profit organizations, and corporate leadership trainings. She believes everyone can benefit from the practice of yoga no matter what age, size, or experience.

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